Commission Rates [no 18+ themes]

2014-06-08 06:16:58 by xxAiRo


$25 = full body profile (less detailed)



$40 = close up portrait (more detailed)



+ $15 = full background
+ $20 = per additional character
+ $ 5  = includes wallpaper redesign (desktop and/or phone)

1. All prices are negotiable based on subject/detail/size
2. Half payment required upfront
3. Pay via Paypal

::: PM if interested * :::

*other details may apply for art trades/projects/etc.


2013-11-22 18:04:48 by xxAiRo

My official update flow: tumblr (daily) > dA (weekly) > Newgrounds (monthly)

I filter out my sketchier doodles and whatnot as they go down the flow, so if you want to see more of my work check out my tumblr or dA (links in the side bar).

- Cry doodles posted every Sunday.
- Personal/miscellaneous works posted sporadically throughout the week.

- webcomic (story based)
- alternating GW2 and Dr Who fanart every Friday or Saturday.


2013-09-11 02:09:03 by xxAiRo

I haven't visited Newgrounds in a long time and only just remembered that there's an art portal.
I'm slowly uploading all my new and older art from dA onto here -- sorry about flooding the portal~

I won't, however, be uploading everything on Newgrounds since the audience here seems more... judgey.
I do a lot of personal pieces that I really care about, and I'll be keeping most if not all of em on dA and tumblr.

Also yes, I'm always open for commissions.
I'm gonna ask that you take a look at my gallery in dA to get a full idea of my art style and then send me a PM. Thanks.